Here is a list of services and tools that I have used or recommend for getting started making a passive income online.

Note: This article includes affiliate links. This means that if you click on one of these links and then go on to make a purchase, I may get a commission for referring you. It does not affect you in any way but if this information has helped you, it lets me make some passive income online!

Building your blog or website

For most affiliate programmes, you need to have your own website where you will promote products. What are the steps to getting a blog up and running?

  1. Register a domain name
  2. Buy web hosting
  3. Build a website using a Content Management System(CMS) – I recommend WordPress, thats what I use on all my websites

Register a Domain Name

Your blog or website needs a web address and this is the domain name. We recommend Namecheap for registering a domain or BlueHost if you would like a complete domain name and hosting package:
PassiveIncomeIdeas.Online was registered through Namecheap. Since I do not like to tie my domain registration to my hosting company, most of my domains are registered through Namecheap who also have great renewal rates and cashback through TopCashBack UK.

Buy web hosting

You then need server space to host your blog or website. For beginners, I recommend HostGator shared hosting or BlueHost shared hosting. If you would like to future-proof your websites, I recommend KnownHost VPS (this site is on their SSD VPS):

For Shared Hosting:

Several of my websites are hosted by HostGator on a shared hosting package and I am well pleased by their loading speed and uptime.
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Bluehost is one of the most popular hosting companies that is also very affordable for those just starting out online.

For VPS hosting: is hosted by KnownHost. With a guaranteed 99.9% uptime and their outstanding fully-managed server support, you can see why I run my popular websites on KnownHost VPS servers. Here’s a guide to setting up WordPress on your VPS.

Get a good WordPress theme

There are two ways of going about building your WordPress site:

  1. Using a framework theme and a compatible child theme
  2. Using a single theme

Using a framework theme and a compatible child theme uses the first approach – this is because I like to customise my websites extensively and a framework theme allows me to do this easily. There are also many other benefits such as better SEO. I use the highly regarded ‘Genesis framework’ from Studiopress together with the ‘Dynamik’ child theme from Cobalt Apps:

StudioPress Premium WordPress Themes
Genesis is a fully responsive HTML5 based framework theme. Highly recommended due to its excellent SEO benefits.

Dynamik Website Builder
Dynamik helps you to make hundreds of visual changes easily without knowing any CSS coding. The current theme of this website is one of the sample themes that is offered with Dynamik. Beautiful isn’t it? I especially like the persistent header at the top that keeps my blog name in view at all times.

Using a single theme

The second approach is best if you would like a theme that needs no customisation and is plug-and-play. You would have to find a theme that you do not expect to change as customisation options may be limited. I recommend choosing one from ThemeForest:

Themeforest is part of the envatomarket and has over 22,940 templates and themes from just $2. What’s more every month, they have free theme giveaways too!
MyThemeShop - 125x125
MyThemeShop has high quality themes that are very professional looking. They also have a range of plugins that are very useful for bloggers. I use their WP-Review Pro plugin extensively in my websites.


There is no real shortcut to having a popular website with lots of visitors, you need to add tremendous value through your content. Do the research and provide visitors with answers to their problems. You will soon find that you have a website or blog that is worth monetizing.

Cover Images

Do you like the cover image I used in my first Monthly Passive Income Report? I made it using Canva, a free online image design and creation website.

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