September 2016 Traffic & Income Report

September proved again why the affiliate marketing business is such a great source of passive income. I improved on last month’s income even though I wasn’t able to spend as much time on my online business as I did in August.

So, here’s the overall summary for September 2016:

  • Gross Income up 5% ($1225 to $1291), and net income up 26% ($980 to $1234), page views up 12% (16k to nearly 18k).
  • Net income hits $1000 per month for the first time!
  • Total time spent: Around 10 hours
  • Hourly rate of income: $123
  • Very little expenses this month.
  • Focused on Niche Site 1 and 4 as per plan.

Monthly Income Report - September 2016 - PassiveIncomeIdeas.Online


Goal Achievement Check

My goals for September were:

  • Write one long high-quality article each for Niche Site 1 and 2 DONE
  • Reduce bounce rate and increase session duration further on Niche Site 1 DONE
  • Maintain $1000 revenue per month DONE
  • Profit growth over-proportional to traffic growth DONE

I managed to meet all my goals in September. Bounce rate went down further and session duration went up even more on NS1.

Grind Report

Niche Site 1: 8 hours
Niche Site 2: 0 hours
Niche Site 3: 0 hours
Niche Site 4: 0 hours
Passive Income Ideas Online blog: 2 hours

That’s an hourly rate of $123, mainly because I didn’t have any real costs this month.

Total Income from all Niche Sites

All the income in September is from NS1 which is monetised solely by the Amazon Associates affiliate programme.

Total Revenue - September 2016 - PassiveIncomeIdeas.Online

So what did I spend $56.92 on? I have a super-fast SSD VPS at Knownhost and most of my websites are hosted there. Some are still on my shared Hostgator account. All my domains (13 in total – most are projects that are yet to start) are registered at Namecheap and I have assigned a monthly cost under expenses.

Last month I bought a magazine theme for Niche Site 4 – the ReHub hybrid theme. Check out the live demo here. This month I spent only $1.7 on ads, all of it on Reddit.

These are the details from the Reddit Campaign:

CampaignSub-reddit MembersBudget ($)Spent ($)CTRReach/$Clicks/$CPA ($)Duration
Sub-Reddit 210,000 - 15,00051.721.14%3252370.02733 days

Here’s a tabular summary of all income and expenses, along with all the monetisation methods I use!

Amazon Affiliates (US, UK, DE, FR, CA)+1290.8
TopCashBack UK0
KnownHost and HostGator-$41.72
Namecheap domains-$13.46
Advertising (Reddit, Facebook)-$1.74

Total Traffic, RPM & PPM

As always, here are my favourite metrics now – RPM and PPM!

RPM as defined by Google is:
RPM = (Estimated earnings / Number of page views) * 1000

While RPM is a widely reported measure of blog income, it doesn’t tell the whole story. What is more interesting to me is how much profit a blog or niche site makes. It doesn’t matter if your RPM is a $100 and it costs you $80 per 1000 page views to get that income! So I invented the concept of Net Income or Profit Per Mile (PPM) – that’s simply the profit a website makes per 1000 page views.

The RPM and PPM tracker I added seems to have resonated with my readers. It’s a great idea proposed by my readers and I am glad I kept it.

Total Pageviews RPM PPM - September 2016 - PassiveIncomeIdeas.Online

As traffic and page views have increased over time, RPM and PPM have also increased. My target RPM is in the $60-$80 range and I am in the upper half of that for the past 4 months.

Page views, PPM and costs go hand-in-hand. I have been doing ads on Reddit and Facebook to increase traffic. Here’s the balance I need to strike: spend just enough to give me targeted traffic which will bring me more revenue, while maintaining PPM.

Niche Site 1 – Monetized through the Amazon Associates programme

Gross and Net Income graph

NC1 Revenue - September 2016 - PassiveIncomeIdeas.Online

Gross income grew a bit, but net income rose nicely as I didn’t have much expenses. I am glad I spent money on the EasyAzon link localisation plugin, I have seen sustained levels of income coming from international Amazon stores. I would highly recommend this plugin even if you have only modest levels of international traffic.

Traffic, RPM & PPM

I am happy with September’s RPM of $72.2, even though it is down from August’s $76.54. As long as it is above the $70 mark, I am fine for the moment.

NC1 Pageviews RPM PPM - September 2016 - PassiveIncomeIdeas.Online

Niche Site 2,3

NS2 didn’t make any money in September and NS3 has not been monetised yet. Again, having not added any new articles, I am not surprised by the results.

Niche Sites 4

As I write this, I know my decision to focus on NS4 has been vindicated, because it made its first dollar in October. In fact it made $22! Not bad for a 2 month old site with 1 real article on it!

Goals for October 2016

  • Write one long high-quality article each for Niche Site 1 and 4
  • Maintain $1000 revenue per month
  • Profit growth over-proportional to traffic growth

I am going to keep my goals achievable and realistic, because otherwise I run the risk of getting demotivated. Hopefully I will be able to dedicate more time to my online business in October and this should mean NS4 grows a bit more.

So how are your online money making or blogging ventures going? Leave a comment, let’s talk!

Note: This article includes affiliate links. This means that if you click on one of these links and then go on to make a purchase, I may get a commission for referring you. It does not affect you in any way but if this information has helped you, it lets me make some passive income online!

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    Matt | MyAppIncome October 17, 2016 at 1:42 pm

    Congratulations on maintaining > $1000/month. Are you enjoying your new laptop? Replacing a 9-year-old one must make a night and day difference.
    I think you’re very wise in keeping achievable goals, just don’t fall into the trap of aiming too low and not pushing yourself. I’m guilty of that all the time 🙁

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