May 2016 Traffic & Income Report

Monthly Income Report - May 2016 - PassiveIncomeIdeas.Online

May was just amazing – I broke through the $500 mark for the first time. I actually made a gross income of $718, woohoo! But this didn’t just happen just like that, out of the blue. I had a strategy to increase my passive income, and it worked beautifully.

May’s income was totally passive because I didn’t spend any time on Niche Site 1 where all the money came from. What I did do however was some promotion. Promotion of posts has always been my weakness because I would rather create than promote. I’m sure you must have heard of the ideal time split between content creation and content promotion, 20% – 80%. I must say, this is the most radical and effective tactic that’s worked for me so far in my Internet Marketing journey.

So what was my content promotion strategy that doubled my income in May 2016? Reddit. And I didn’t spend a single cent (or penny)! I will write a detailed post about my Reddit experiment and how I did it, but I have to say I couldn’t believe how effective it was in boosting my Google ranking and therefore pure organic traffic. In short, I positioned myself as an authority on my niche and leveraged that angle to drive traffic to my niche site.

Goal Achievement Check

In my previous income report, my goals were:

Focus on PassiveIncomeIdeas.Online and add at least 2 high quality long articles

So how did I do? Quite well for I met the goal above. I published these two articles:

  1. 30 Best WordPress music themes for 2016
  2. The Ultimate Guide to Making Money With Amazon Affiliates

I am particularly proud of the Amazon Associates guide. Now that I have reached a level where I am comfortably earning $500+ each month passively, I am in a position to dispense some advice!

Niche Site 1

Niche Site 1 is my sole Amazon Associates website. May was a great example of passive income because I created absolutely no new content for the website – it was pretty much on autopilot. I still earned $718! This is the beauty of passive income, heavy investment of time upfront but then you reap the rewards month after month with minimal input.

Niche Site 1 – Traffic

My daily traffic actually doubled in May thanks to the Reddit promotional activity I did (free not paid). I must say that this single exercise has contributed to my income doubling from the previous month.

Monthly Income Report May 2016 - Traffic Sessions - PassiveIncomeIdeas.Online

I averaged around 150 sessions/day before the Reddit experiment. For a few days starting the 8th of May, I had referral traffic from Reddit which quickly fell off. But what has happened after that is my key learning from this experiment. After the Reddit traffic started dying off, Google started sending an increased number of organic visitors to Niche Site 1.

So Google considered the high number of upvotes and comments on my Reddit post as an indication of quality and increased my website’s SERPs. And that too for free! Sessions went up 44%, page views went from 5600 to 9000! Average session duration went up 33% to 1:45, and bounce rate went down to 79%! Excellent results especially the 60% increase in page views.

Niche Site 1 – Income

Monthly Income Report May 2016 - Bar Graph - PassiveIncomeIdeas.Online

Gross or total income went up 120% from $326.41 in April to $718.06 in May. That’s a very healthy increase and mostly down to the increased organic traffic brought by the Reddit experiment.

Niche Site 1 – Affiliate Marketing Income and expense breakdown

Amazon Affiliates (US, UK, DE, FR, CA)+$718.06
TopCashBack UK0
Hosting and Domain Expenses (Monthly)-$52.46

RPM simply tells me how much money I made per 1000 visitors. So what’s my Revenue per 1000 impressions (RPM) for May 2016?

RPM as defined by Google is:
RPM = (Estimated earnings / Number of page views) * 1000

I had 9009 page views in May. So the RPM for May was $73.88 vs. $51.93 in April and $27.97 for March. So a good development story there. Again you can see what a difference the quality of traffic makes when it comes to monetisation.

Niche Site 1 – Goals Review

I didn’t have any goals for Niche Site 1 and hey it worked out very well for me. If I had not forced myself to not create content, I wouldn’t have started exploring ways to promote the good content I already have created. I am going to take the same approach in June and focus on promotion more than content creation.

Niche Site 1 – Grind Report

I spent 3-4 hours in May for the Reddit experiment, most of it being spent on replying to comments and researching before answering queries.


I have not spent any time on this website at all in May, and you can see how late I am with this income report itself!

Goals for May 2016

As I mentioned earlier, I will not create any new content for Niche Site 1 or for PassiveIncomeIdeas.Online in June. Instead I will be working on a couple of new projects that take a novel approach to affiliate marketing. I will share more when they are closer to launch!

So how was May for you? What did you learn in your Internet Marketing journey this month?

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  1. Reply
    MyAppIncome July 2, 2016 at 9:52 pm

    Wow. I’ve just started my journey, literally this month, so $665.60 a month seems like a million miles away.

    Thank you for sharing your tips and being so open with your sources of income. I suspect I might be copying some of these in the near future.

  2. Reply
    Esteban Pau July 14, 2016 at 2:18 pm

    Look at you!

    I told you you’d overtake me 😀 I’m really fascinated by your growth. I’m also curious as to what your niche site might be 😉
    Keep up the good work I’m sure the $1,000 benchmark is just around the corner for you!
    Very inspiring!

    • Reply
      PiiGirl July 14, 2016 at 7:04 pm

      My $665.6 vs. your $718.81? No contest! But seriously I am happy with this result. Writing the June report now and happy to say there is some improvement but the $1000 mark is still elusive….maybe July is the one?

      Thanks for the compliments and wish you success in hitting the $1000 mark soon! 😀

      I guess the nice thing about my Niche Site 1 is that its not seasonal. The sales are pretty strong much throughout the year and rocket towards the holidays. I am not ranking well on Google yet, that’s the area for improvement.

  3. Reply
    Smart Forex Learning July 17, 2016 at 11:16 am

    Congrats! And fascinating how Reddit made such a difference! I saw a similar thing when I posted a link on Reddit to my forex site, but unfortunately the relevant subreddit didn’t really allow link posting – even though the content was highly relevant. Do you have any tips to approach it differently?

    • Reply
      PiiGirl July 17, 2016 at 4:14 pm

      Thank you! I make sure to use text posts and not link posts – I found that Reddit users prefer some context to the link. So I wrote a bit of background to the niche site, and asked very nicely for feedback to help improve 🙂 This put readers into a more ‘giving’ mood before they clicked on the link and came over to my site.


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