January 2017 Traffic & Income Report

Monthly Income Report - January 2017 - Passive Income Ideas OnlineUnexpectedly, January turned out to be a bumper month, with sales breaking through $2000/month for the first time. I was disappointed with my December sales especially as many affiliates multiplied their income 4-5x. January is typically a slower month for most affiliates with most people suffering from a depleted wallet. So I was very happy to see my January results.

I am late with this income report but I have brutally prioritised my time so that the very reason this report exists, my online business, gets all the attention and time it needs.

Here’s the overall summary for January 2017:

  • Gross Income up 34% to $2648.59, and net income up 35% to $2593.41, page views up 9% (20k to 21k).
  • Net income hits $2000/month for the first time
  • Total time spent: Around 25 hours
  • Hourly rate of income: $103.74
  • Very little expenses again this month as I am writing all my content again
  • Focused on Niche Site 1 as per plan. Next target is to grow NS1 to $2k/mo consistently.

Last month I wrote about how I am changing my affiliate business strategy. I believe that NS1 can hit $10k/month. NS1 has increased its post count from 26 to 28

Goal Achievement Check

Last month, I changed the way I set targets for myself – I started using financial targets. The current target is to consistently hit $2000 / month. Consistently to me means at least 3 months in a row. This should iron out seasonality and other fluctuations.

Grind Report

Niche Site 1: 25 hours approx.
Passive Income Ideas Online blog: 1 hour

That’s an hourly rate of $103. All the annual posts that need updating are done and I can now focus on creating new content, focusing on more blog-style articles.


Amazon Affiliates (US, UK, DE, FR, CA)+2564.08
TopCashBack UK0
KnownHost and HostGator-$41.72
Namecheap domains-$13.46
Advertising (Reddit, Facebook)0

I think I should mention my overall RPM and PPM as well. Revenue per mile (or gross income / 1000 pageviews) hit $104.41, which is absolutely brilliant. Profit per mile was $102.24 which is the highest number I have ever hit.

So folks, keep grinding because there’s still money to be made in the world of affiliate marketing. Its never been easier to launch a money-making blog for a few dollars a month and start your own affiliate business – don’t procrastinate, just start!

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