December 2016 Traffic & Income Report

Monthly Income Report - December 2016 - PassiveIncomeIdeas.Online
I am surprised. Surprised that my online side-hustle has come this far. Every month continues to be the best month ever, but thank God I stumbled across this insane source of income!

Here’s the overall summary for December 2016:

  • Gross Income up 37% to $1972.49, and net income up 39% to $1917.31, page views up 9% (20k to 21k).
  • Net income above $1000 per month maintained
  • Total time spent: Around 50 hours
  • Hourly rate of income: $38.34
  • Very little expenses again this month as I am writing all my content again
  • Focused on Niche Site 1 as per plan. Next target is to grow NS1 to $2k/mo.

Its also the first full year since I started monetising NS1. So how much have I made in 2016? $10294.06 in total income and $9466.97 in profits. Not bad for the first year of my side hustle aye?

I have decided to change my strategy. NS1 has a lot of potential, in fact I truly believe it can hit $10k/mo. So I am going to freeze all other projects and work on adding content to NS1. Its only got 26 posts and pages and its doing nearly $2k! What will happen if I increase it to a 100 unique pieces of content?


Goal Achievement Check

I am changing the way I am setting targets – I am going to use financial targets instead. The next target is to consistently hit $2000 / month. Consistently to me means at least 3 months in a row. This should iron out seasonality and other fluctuations.

Grind Report

Niche Site 1: 50 hours approx.
Passive Income Ideas Online blog: 1 hour

That’s an hourly rate of $38. Yup, its low because the nature of NS1 is such that there are some key posts that need to be updated for the start of the new year. Once they are done, I can focus on adding more blog style content.

One of my key finds recently has been the JustStart subreddit – its a gem for people who want to take action and launch their affiliate websites. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

So folks, apologies for the very brief update this month. I hope to write a more detailed income report next time, and I should be able to unveil my detailed plan to take NS1 to $10k/mo as well. I am really pumped up about what NS1 can do and I now just need to seize the opportunity. Take care and keep going!

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    Logan February 22, 2017 at 7:54 pm

    Just stumbled upon your site and love how you break your side hustle down to an hourly rate. Sounds like your NS1 might turn this side hustle into a full time job soon! Good luck and I look forward to following along!

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