April 2016 Traffic & Income Report

Monthly Income Report - April2016 - PassiveIncomeIdeas.Online

If you had told me a year ago that I can make $100 a month passively online, I wouldn’t have believed you. Yet that’s exactly what happened last month.

So you can imagine how stunned i was when my gross passive income for this month doubled to just over $300! I have to say, if I knew it was this simple, I would have started building websites and monetising them a long time ago! Well, better late than never eh? In fact, I have made over $700 so far in 2016.

Note that I said simple, not easy. I can tell you it has not been easy. I have spent many hours on each and every post in my niche sites. Hours that I could have spent playing video games, or watching the latest TV series or movies. Most of the criticism I have seen so far about online income reports is that successful bloggers make it sound as if anyone can do it in 7 days. I most recently came across this at a marketing blog I discovered recently, ViperChill by Glen Allsop:

I would prefer to see how much work you get done each day and be inspired by that, rather than how much income you made because someone chose a to start their new website on a web host you recommended.

I think showing off your true activity levels would be so much more inspiring for beginners, and really show people you mean it when you say things like, “You’ve got to put in the work. You’ve got to take action.”

I agree 100% with Glen’s sentiment but the main reason I decided to do income reports is not so that I could push affiliate products such as web hosting or WordPress themes. The primary purpose of my monthly income reports is to show beginners month-by-month how my passive income has grown.

I created a passive income stream out of nothing. I did not buy my niche sites, I created them from scratch. I started with $0 passive income and today I have achieved something that you also achieve, but only if you have the motivation, a solid plan and are willing to put in the hard work.

Genuine motivation, a solid plan and sheer hard work - this is my recipe for success in Affiliate… Click To Tweet

What inspired me?

I had seen many bloggers’ monthly income reports in the past with 4 or 5 figure incomes. But I never got inspired to try it myself. Why? Because I thought it was too difficult, too complicated, and too time consuming to do. But most of all, I simply didn’t think I knew how to do it right. It was only when I came across Reinis Fischer, a blogger from Georgia, and his monthly reports that I thought for the first time – I can do this. If he can do it, so can I.

The key detail that got me excited was that he had a blog that had been around for some time, he had been trying to monetise it unsuccessfully and then he tried something which worked. From mere cents, his passive income grew to over a thousand dollars. It is this slow but steady progression in monthly income, month by month, from 0 to single figures to double figures to triple figures, to 4 figures that really inspired me to consider monetising my websites.

Nonetheless, going back to Glen’s comments, he has inspired me to add that extra level of detail about how much work goes into creating and maintaining my passive income streams. So I will be sharing more details of how much time is needed per month to sustain my passive income business.

Details vs. Simplicity

I am a data driven person by nature. So its natural for me to share the most minute details of my websites’ traffic and passive income generation. But I have realised that this does not always add value. For example, is it really worth talking about the changes in the top 5 sources of international traffic? Not really unless there is a sudden shift! So going forward, I will drastically cut down on unnecessary details. While writing, I will attempt to think primarily of what will give you immense value, my dear reader.

Goal Achievement Check

In my last monthly income report, I had set two realistic goals for April:

  • Write one high quality long article for Niche Site 1.
  • Get PassiveIncomeIdeas.Online up and running.

Well, you can see that the second goal has been met! We will see whether I achieved the first one.

Niche Site 1

For over 2 years, Niche site 1 has lived in a shared hosting account with Hostgator. This has worked well in terms of load capacity and loading speed, even with the increasing traffic coming its way. This is because HostGator uses fast nginx-based servers with global DNS resolution servers, making them fast even without Cloudflare.

But in keeping with my aims of making it a popular authority site, I need to make it load even faster and be ready when traffic increases beyond the limits of a shared hosting account. The last thing I want my shared hosting account hitting its usage limits, being shut down and me losing out on affiliate sales! So I purchased an SSD VPS hosting package from KnownHost in April.

I chose a managed VPS package, which meant that KnownHost migrated my entire shared account from HostGator for free, without any downtime at all! The migration went off without a hiccup and niche site 1 was happily chugging away in minutes.

Niche Site 1 – Traffic

Google Analystics is the leading traffic analysis tool on the Internet with a market share of 83% 1. I use it to get visitor statistics such as unique visitors, most visited pages, bounce rate etc. But one issue I have always had with it is that I cannot reliably exclude website performance tools such as Pingdom, GTMetrix, WebPageTest or Sucuri.

When I migrated from Hostgator to KnownHost, I used these services extensively to tweak the VPS setup. This meant that I inflated the visitor numbers and so I will not refer to the GA data for April.

However, my estimation is that sessions increased by 21%, unique visitors by 24%, and page views by around 7%. These are well below the figures in last month’s report. I am still happy though. When the new articles get indexed by Google, I expect a lot of long-tail traffic.

Niche Site 1 – Income

Gross income is up a staggering 108%, while net income is up 95%. These are brilliant results for me. but I am not foolish enough to assume it will happen every month!


Niche Site 1 – Affiliate Marketing Income and expense breakdown

Amazon Affiliates (US, UK, DE, FR, CA)+$326.41
TopCashBack UK0
Hosting and Domain Expenses (Monthly)-$52.46

RPM simply tells me how much money I made per 1000 visitors. So what’s my Revenue per 1000 impressions (RPM) for April 2016?

RPM as defined by Google is:
RPM = (Estimated earnings / Number of page views) * 1000

I had around 5275 page views. So the RPM was $51.93 vs. $27.97 for March, a very good improvement. Not bad at all considering that my visitor traffic didn’t double! What I think happened is that Google sent more targeted buying traffic towards Niche Site 1. So you can see what a difference the quality of traffic makes when it comes to monetisation.

Niche Site 1 – Goals Review

My April goals for Niche Site 1 were very modest:

  • Write one high quality long article for Niche Site 1.

You know what, I wrote not one but two high quality long articles in April! Each one is over 2000 words long. I strongly believe that longer articles are better for SEO than shorter ones. Of course they need to be high quality too!

Niche Site 1 – Grind Report

Borrowing the term from Glen Allsop, here’s my grind report for Niche Site 1:
Two long articles of over 2000 words – 8 hours in total.


This blog is now a couple of weeks old. Although Google has indexed it, I have received very little organisc traffic so far. Most of my traffic has been from a Reddit post I made and my Twitter activity.

I must say that I am surprised by the amount of traction I am gaining on Twitter. I just hit 30 followers. These are not people who followed me because I followed them. They followed me after I shared content, and in most cases I followed them back.

Of course, I made no money from this website in April. It’s just too early for that. I would give it 3-6 months before the organic traffic brings in targeted visitors in buying mode.

PassiveIncomeIdeas.Online – Grind Report

Altogether I spent around 15 hours on this blog in April. This went towards the following articles:

Goals for May 2016

Focus on PassiveIncomeIdeas.Online and add at least 2 high quality long articles.

What, no goal for affiliate income? Well at this stage, I am happy if my online passive income ventures break even. I am not one to chase money. Its more that thrill that I get when I wake up in the morning and see that somebody has spent a $1000 or more through my website!

While I am not going to publish anything on Niche Site 1, I may start working on some article ideas if time permits.

AS always, I am eager to learn about how you are doing. How was April for you as an Internet Marketer? Did this post help you in any way? We are in this together. So let’s use our successes to keep ourselves motivated and reaching for our dreams!

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  1. Reply
    Esteban May 10, 2016 at 8:23 am

    Pretty awesome achievement. Quite impressed with it and slightly jealous 😉 you seem to know very much about technical terms and so on.
    Quite intrigued about your niche site. I will start working on mine again a bit to bump it up. Maybe add a few more articles or reviews.
    How long have you had your niche site?
    I found your site as you left a comment on mine (www.mypathtopassiveincome.com) and I love seeing people do similar work.
    Again good job and keep fighting. I’m sure you’re just days away from the $1000’s 🙂

    • Reply
      PiiGirl May 10, 2016 at 5:35 pm

      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment, much appreciated! My love for technical SEO is a weakness really because I am more comfortable tweaking my website layout and infrastructure than simply getting down to it and writing!

      I have had my niche site since late 2013 but it was only 6 months ago that I revived it and started monetising it. Adding content regularlu if not frequently is important for SEO.

      The full story of my niche site and how I make between $25 to $50 per 1000 visitors (Reach Per Mile) is fully exposed in this article I just wrote – The Ultimate Guide to Making Money with Amazon Affiliates in 2016.

      I am addicted to reading income reports! That’s how I found yours. Well so far this month I am on track to comfortably beat April’s income. Hope it stays that way till the end of the month!


  2. Reply
    Lloyd Phillips May 10, 2016 at 3:45 pm

    Thanks for dropping by my blog today. I’ve just read through some of your site. It’d be interesting for you to tell us more about the niche and I’d love to hear about what activities you are doing to get your traffic. I think I may be able to speak for most in saying I’m less inclined to read about what you’ve done to improve infrastructure to increase performance as opposed to what you are doing to get eyeballs to your site and engage. Anyway, you’re doing really well, better than me so far, keep it up! I look forward to future income reports.

    • Reply
      PiiGirl May 10, 2016 at 7:22 pm


      Thanks for visiting and commenting! Since my niche site is still quite new but in a very profitable yet under-exploited niche, I am hesitant to talk about it much (got to milk it before the competition inevitably arrives). But I am also still in two minds of writing under a pseudonym. I want to engage with the passive income community and my readers here, and for this reason I long to use my real identity. So its either a pseudonym and I share more details of my niche site, or reveal more about myself (be more authentic) and share little or nothing about the niche site or my income. Hmmm what a quandary I am in!

      I fully take on board your point about getting too technical. I am a huge fan of technical SEO, its how I beat one of my competitors website which was better than mine in every way but speed. I have resolved to talk about content more, and my latest post on Amazon Associates is a step in that direction.

      Thanks again for the timely and direct feedback! Greatly appreciate it because this is what helps me improve and reach my goals quicker, sooner.


      • Reply
        Lloyd Phillips May 10, 2016 at 8:45 pm

        Hey there. I am not suggesting not talking about the technical SEO. I know that’s important. I’m product manager for a directory here in NZ that generates $6MM of revenue and was underperforming. Within 2 weeks I’d increased ranking and traffic by 12% with infrastructure improvements and database optimisations, 2 weeks later a further 8% and 2 weeks later a further 3%, It’s important, but not what a large portion of the market will be thinking about, and I think you were talking about terms, products and services that had no explanation to what they were. My suggestion, if you’re going to go there is to make specific posts that explain and dumb down the terms – unless you are targeting a strongly tech savvy crowd.

        I’m big on technical SEO too. I like to take a scientific approach as much as I can.

        I get what you mean on keeping pseudo-persona. I was there myself, particularly with my subject. Also, sharing some of my story was difficult. But when I put myself out there I got a great response which has foster some nice engagement. Stories sell and people attach to people more easily.

        If you decide to unveil yourself give me a shout on Twitter. I’m trying to pull together a network of bloggers who can help each other out.

        • PiiGirl June 3, 2016 at 10:24 pm

          You have a point – I will bear this in mind.

          Thanks for the support – for now I will share as much as I can under my Internet persona, but I am sure one day I will unveil myself!

  3. Reply
    Jan B June 3, 2016 at 1:36 am

    Excellent income report! the RPM at $51.93 is just huge. Do you use any other affiliate programs that have converted so far ?

    • Reply
      PiiGirl July 5, 2016 at 9:40 am

      Hi Jan,

      Thanks! I hit 73.88 RPM in May 🙂
      I have not tried any other affiliate program yet, but have a project in the pipeline that will explore other online store programmes.


  4. Reply
    abdirahman September 14, 2016 at 12:21 pm

    Hi girl,
    I am inspired.My question is how do i start ,from scratch,Can you give me an insight on what to do ..i want to earn anything be it a dollar as long as I am the one who’s done it.
    Notify me on my email(wish communication was much easier like whatsapp or twitter)

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